Background Information

H.A. Kostash School Replacement Project:
Background Information

About H.A. Kostash School:

  • H.A. Kostash School's current enrolment is 314 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It also offers a pre-Kindergarten 'Great Beginnings' program with a current enrolment of over 30 students.
    H.A. Kostash School also provides space for the 'Pumpkin Patch' daycare program that was launched in fall 2018 with an enrolment of approximately 20 children.
  • While overall student enrolment within Aspen View has declined in recent years, H.A. Kostash School's enrolment has remained consistent:
Year Total K-12 Enrolment - Aspen View Total K-12 Enrolment - H.A. Kostash
2010 3100 311
2011 3125 312
2012 2848 316
2013 2884 327
2014 2811 310
2015 2832 312
2016 2747 306
2017 2746 311
2018 2775 316

  • The original H.A. Kostash School Building was constructed in 1948, with additions in 1958, 1970, 1982 and 1986. The 1948 building was modernized in 1980 and renovated in 2002; the 1958 and 1970 additions were modernized in 1986 and renovated in 2002.

About the current condition of H.A. Kostash School:

  • All existing mechanical systems are at end of life and require replacement; the risk of system failure is significant. The cost of ongoing maintenance on aging boilers is significant and could be substantially reduced.
  • The existing roof structure is at end of life and requires frequent repair; the estimated replacement cost for the entire roof is $1.2 million. The roof structure is frequently leaking which lends to interior damage and increased health and safety concerns.
  • The majority of the building is not equipped with a sprinkler system.
  • Piping is past life expectancy. New plumbing including fixtures and pipes is required to meet minimum water efficiency standards.
  • While there are concerns with air quality, testing conducted in multiple locations on July 9, 2018 indicated that all measured air quality parameters are within Alberta Infrastructure guidelines; mould testing was also conducted and all results fell within Health Canada guidelines.
  • Stormwater management for the building courtyard is insufficient to mitigate flooding during major storm events.

About Aspen View's efforts to date regarding H.A. Kostash School:

  • Modernization of H.A. Kostash School has been the top priority on Aspen View's capital project submission since 2015-16.
  • H.A. Kostash School Modernization and Rightsizing has been included on the Government of Alberta's list of Unfunded Capital Projects (aka 'the sunshine list') since its inception as part of Budget 2016.
  • H.A. Kostash was among 10 schools included in a Project Feasibility Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (PFALCCA) commissioned by Alberta Infrastructure in fall 2017. Consultants contracted to conduct the assessment and analysis toured H.A. Kostash School in February 2018. The report, which Aspen View was completed in June 2018, confirms the obvious deficiencies and failings within the building, and also details many significant issues within the school that may not be apparent to the layman, including serious concerns around the stormwater system, fire protection, and both mechanical and electrical systems. In short, the report clearly demonstrates that the facility's decline is accelerating.
  • In July 2018, on the advice of Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Education Capital Planning, Aspen View Public Schools amended its capital project submission, changing the H.A. Kostash School project from a modernization to a replacement.
  • To hopefully streamline the approval process, Aspen View Public Schools has begun work with the Town of Smoky Lake to select a preferred site and complete the Site Readiness checklist.
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