H.A. Kostash School Replacement Project
Public Advocacy Campaign:


The Board of Trustees of Aspen View Public Schools, working in partnership with Aspen View and H.A. Kostash School administration, as well as the H.A. Kostash School Council, has launched a public advocacy campaign in support of efforts to secure a commitment from the Government of Alberta to replace the existing H.A. Kostash School in Smoky Lake.

H.A. Kostash School has been Aspen View's top capital priority for more than three years. The building's deficiencies and deterioration are well documented, and we believe a compelling case has been made as to why a replacement facility is urgently needed.

The final hurdle, we believe, is to secure a political commitment from the Government of Alberta to replace the existing H.A. Kostash School. To overcome this hurdle, our public advocacy campaign endeavours to marshal the support of H.A. Kostash school families, community members and other stakeholders, as a demonstration of public support for this project.

The attached information package provides information for stakeholders, encouraging them to participate in our public advocacy campaign through the following methods.

1. Write letters

We encourage stakeholders to share their own unique experiences and observations about the current state of H.A. Kostash School, the school's role in the community, and how a replacement facility would positively impact their family and community. Timing is of the essence, as now is the time that decision will be made regarding the next provincial budget. Our goal is to have 200 letters sent to the Government of Alberta by mid-November.

2. Engage your community

Our advocacy efforts are enhanced when more unique voices share the same message. Talk to friends, community members and stakeholders about the H.A. Kostash School Replacement Project and encourage them to demonstrate their support by writing letters and joining in other advocacy campaigns.

3. Promote #newHAK

We have introduced '#newHAK' not only as means of sharing our public advocacy efforts through social media, but also as a visual brand for our public advocacy campaign. Watch for #newHAK in social media posts, posters and other communications, and support the campaign by displaying or sharing #newHAK in your own advocacy efforts.

H.A. Kostash School has served our students and community well for over 70 years, but its replacement is long overdue. With the support of our school families, community stakeholders and other supports, we believe we can secure the commitment needed to bring this much-needed project to reality.

We greatly appreciate your support of this public advocacy campaign. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact any of the individuals listed below.

Tom Mykytiuk, Trustee Neil O'Shea,
Ward 5 (South Central) Aspen View Public
Aspen View Public Schools
[email protected]
[email protected]

Dick Richards, Principal Tania Shupenia, Chair
H.A. Kostash School H. A. Kostash School
[email protected]
[email protected]
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