H.A. Kostash School

Replacement Project

Last updated: June 23, 2020

What’s new?

On November 1, 2019, the Government of Alberta approved the replacement of the current H.A. Kostash School. Alberta Infrastructure has issued an Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Bridge Consultant. The role of the Bridge Consultant is to work with Aspen View Public Schools and Alberta Infrastructure throughout the project, including design of the school, securing architects and builders, and seeing the project through to completion. The RFP  Is expected to be awarded during the summer of 2020.

The Town and County of Smoky Lake have committed $600,000 towards community-use space within the new school project, which they have identified as daycare space. Administrators from both municipalities will serve on the project design committee to provide input on how best to facilitate the community-use space within the project.


Where will the new school be built?

The new school will be built on the current HAK property. The actual site and orientation of the building will depend on the building layout developed in consultation with the architect and Alberta Infrastructure.

When will the new school be built?

Construction is currently scheduled to start in late spring 2021, with completion slated for late 2022.

How big will the new school be?

The new school is planned for 4,192 square metres of permanent space, plus four modular classrooms, for a total capacity of 473 students (K-12). For comparison, the current HAK is 6,175 square metres with a maximum capacity of 630.

Why is the new school smaller than the current school?

New school projects are sized according to recent enrollment history and projections. Student enrolment throughout rural Alberta, including Aspen View, has been consistently declining for several years. However, over that time HAK’s enrollment has remained the most stable of all Aspen View schools.

How much will the new school cost? Who is paying for it?

All new school projects are funded by Alberta Infrastructure. The budget for the new HAK project is approximately $15 million.

Will there be community use space within the new school?

Alberta Infrastructure only funds the new school project itself. However, there is an opportunity for independently-funded community-use spaces to be integrated into the school project. The Town and County of Smoky Lake have committed $600,000 to integrate a daycare space into the school project. 

Who determines what the new school will look like?

Alberta Infrastructure has established guidelines for how space should be allocated within new school projects based on current and projected enrollments. There is flexibility for Aspen View, working with Alberta Infrastructure and the project architect, to make adjustments to these allocations to meet unique needs. As well, there is flexibility for Aspen View to work with the architect to determine how space will be configured within the new school project, as part of its design.

Aspen View Public Schools has formed a design committee of two school board trustees; the superintendent and secretary-treasurer; and the school principal to work with Alberta Infrastructure and the architect to develop the layout and design of the new school. The committee will also develop mechanisms to gather input into the design from stakeholders including students, staff and parents.

Representatives from the Town and County of Smoky Lake will also work with the design committee around the integration of the community-use daycare space into the school project.

The design committee has gathered input from current staff at HAK, visited a number of new school sites, consulted with Alberta Infrastructure and have recently launched a survey to gather input from students and their families. 

What happens to the current school building?

Due to its age, current condition and lack of accessibility, most of the current building is slated for demolition. Funding for demolition is included in the project budget.


Will there be a playground?

Every effort will be made to retain or, if necessary, relocate the existing playground equipment.

Playgrounds are not funded by Alberta Infrastructure as part of the new school project. However, the Government of Alberta has a separate grant program that provides up to $250,000 for playground projects. Aspen View Public Schools will apply to this program if needed.

Do you have a question about the new HAK project? Send it to communications@aspenview.org and we will do our best to respond, and may include it as these FAQs are updated.

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