Box 630
Smoky Lake, AB   T0A 3C0
Phone: 780-656-3820
Fax: 780-656-2122

H.A. Kostash Fast Facts

  • H.A. Kostash School was built in 1948
  • Last upgraded in the mid-1980’s
  • It currently has 300 students who attend from Great Beginnings to Grade 12
  • 35 staff members
  • Smoky Lake is an agriculturally-based community that is known nationally for its annual Pumpkin Fair.
  • The community is central to many lakes, and offers quality fitness facilities including a golf course, ice arena and curling rink.

Staff List

Richards, Dick - Principal
Lamouche, Lenore - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistants
Ketsa, Donna
Tychkowsky, Lori
Cherniwchan, Tracy - Gr 3
Coutts, Rianna - GB and ECS
Cunningham, Cortnee - Gr 1
Fleming, Kevin - Leadership, PE, Math
Johnson, Leah - Math, Physics
Lalonde, Murray - Sr Math, French, PE
Lamouche, Lenore - Jr LA, Inclusive Education
Mykyte, Kaitlin - English
Ponich, Lorraine - Gr 2
Purich-Plumb, Geraldine - Gr 4
Richards, Dick - Music
Stinson, Craig - Gr 7-12 Social
Tychkowsky, Penny - Sr Science
Ziprick, Hal - CTS, RAP, Wildlife, Green Certificate, Science
Ziprick, Jennifer - CTS, Career Counselor, Gr 5

Important Contact Numbers

Contact Name Description Number Email
Dick Richards Principal 780-656-3820 dick.richards@aspenview.org
Lenore Lamouche Assistant Principal 780-656-3820 lenore.lamouche@aspenview.org